Juan Palacio

Juan Palacio, whose fitness journey is deeply intertwined with the realms of weight loss, weightlifting, and body building, has dedicated his life to fitness and wellness. He has successfully guided numerous clients in achieving and often surpassing their goals. Juan’s wealth of experience, coupled with an unshakeable commitment, inspires every individual stepping through the Ignite Training Camp doors.

Tyler Bagster

Tyler Bagster grew up in a bodybuilding family and spent the majority of his youth immersed in competitive sports. His lifelong affinity for fitness took him on a journey through over a decade of training in mixed martial arts and traditional disciplines, cultivating a high level of discipline and strength. Beyond this, Tyler has also excelled in athletic performance training, mastering the nuances of enhancing sports performance through fitness. His passion extends beyond his own fitness accomplishments to sharing his extensive knowledge and helping others reach their peak performance.